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Universal Colour Refill Kit

Universal Colour Refill Kit
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CoralJet Colour Refill Kit

Our universal ink can be used to refill all inkjet Cartridge models of Epson, Canon, HP, Lexmark, Brother, Xerox, and more........

Useful Tips for Refilling

1. Make sure the print head is in normal condition and not clogged with dried ink.

2. Make sure you refill your cartridge immediately when it is empty.

3. Do not refill the cartridge with more than the appropriate amount of ink.

4. Do not mix colors when refilling.

5. Do sip up the ink at the nozzles instead of wiping with tissue paper.

6. Protect the circuit board on the cartridge from ink or water.

7. The cartridge should be put back into the printer right after refilling; otherwise the print head may get clogged.

8. Use your print menu to install the refilled cartridge back into your printer and then normally the printer will run a print head cleaning cycle automatically.

9. Only start printing after the cleaning cycle is finished. If white lines appear on the printout or no ink is coming out, you need to clean the print head 2-3 times again by following your print menu. If the print quality still not satisfactory, then leave the cartridge idle in the printer for a while before you start printing again.

Photo & Cleaning Solvent

What to do with this extra bottle? Great news!

You can use our photo & Cleaning Solvent for both photo ink refilling and print head maintenance. As a result, you ensure top quality even in photo printouts!

Photo Ink Refilling

If your cartridge has one or more individual photo ink chambers, you can create Photo Ink for any color by mixing our Photo & Cleaning Solvent together with the respective ink color!

Draw up the syringe with 3 quarter of Photo & Cleaning Solvent and 1 quarter of the needed color ink first, shake & mix it, then refill the corresponding ink chamber.

Print Head Cleaning

You can also use our photo & Cleaning Solvent to clean your print head and make it last longer. For example, If your print-head gets clogged after using it very often, refill your cartridge with this solvent, simply use your print menu to run a couple of cleaning cycles and your print head will become clean and ready for many more printouts again.

This kit Contains:

3 x Bottles of Color ink (1x Bottle each of cyan, Magenta, Yellow Ink)

1 x Bottle of Photo & Cleaning Solvent

5 x Round Label

1 x Syringe

1 x Drill

3 x Steel ball

1 x Ball pushing tool

5 x Adhesive tape

1 x Needle

1 x Air Pump

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