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Brand: Baseus Model: CCXJ010301
Baseus 10.5w Dual USB UK Pin AdapterInput: AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz, 300mAUSB1/2 output: DC 5V/2A Max.Total output: DC 5V/2.1A Max.Built-in load detection chip,automatic power off when overloaded, safer to useAutomatically matches charging current to reduce current consumptionMultiple protection, safe a..
Brand: Baseus Model: PPBL000101
Baseus 20000mAh 100W Blade Power Bank HD EditionSupports almost all USB-C devices with input power up to 100W.Unplug the data cable when not charging to avoid no-load situations.For 100W fast charging, ensure device compatibility and use only one PD USB-C port.USB-C port provides 30W for Steam Deck ..
Brand: Baseus Model: PPAD000001
Baseus Adaman Metal Digital Display Quick Charge Power Bank 10000mAh 22.5W10,000mAh large capacity. It allows several charges.Fast charging. Power bank supports many fast charging standards, incl. SCP, Power Delivery and Quick Charge.Charge 3 devices at once. Built-in output connect..
Brand: Baseus Model: NGTW330401
Baseus Bowie WM03 True Wireless EarphonesSuitable for Compatible with most of wireless devicesBattery capacity 50mAh/0.185Wh (Earphones)500mAh/1.85Wh (Charging case)Charging port Type-CCharging time ~1.5 HrsMusic playing time ~8 Hrs (Volume at 70%)Playtime with a ~35~38 HrsCharging caseAccessories C..
Brand: Baseus Model: NGTW240001
Baseus Encok WM01 TWS Wireless In-Ear Bluetooth EarbudThe headphones support the Google voice assistant and Siri. This means you can give them instructions or ask questions and get the answers in seconds. To start the function, press your finger on the handset casing. This way you also switch songs...
Brand: Baseus Model: CATLGD-01
Baseus High-Density Braided Fast Charging Data Cable Type-C to iP PD 20W 1mConnect your iPhone, iPad, or iPod with a Lightning connector to your MacBook /MacBook Pro with USB-C ports for syncing and chargingPD 20W Large power (compatible with PD 18W), support fast charging and data transmission si..
Brand: Baseus Model: WKQX050101
Baseus Lite / Air Joy - 6-Port Type-C HUB Docking StationWith a single interface to connect to a variety of devices, it turns a single USB c port into 6 ports for data transfer, display expansion, internet connection, and charging. All ports work simultaneously without any pressure. No extra driver ..
Brand: Baseus Model: WKQX050001
Baseus Lite / Air Joy - 6-Port Type-C HUB Docking Station (Type-C to HDMI+USB3.0*2+Type-C Data+SD/TF)Ensure that your laptop’s USB-C port supports the PD Power Delivery, DP Alt Mode, and Data Transfer to access the full feature of this USB-C hub. If you don’t have enough knowledge about it, be free ..
Baseus Tungsten Gold Fast Charging Data Cable Type-C to iP PD  20W 1M Baseus Tungsten Gold Fast Charging Data Cable Type-C to iP PD  20W 1M
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Brand: Baseus Model: CATLWJ-01
Baseus Tungsten Gold Fast Charging Data Cable Type-C to iP PD 20W 1MEnhanced Black and Premium Body – The body of the Baseus cable is made of high-gloss, black zinc alloy with a mirror finish. It offers additional refraction and texture for an attractive look. The body is abrasion and rust-resista..
Brand: Baseus Model: CALWJ-01
Baseus Tungsten Gold Fast Charging Data Cable USB to IP 2.4A 1mThe interior of the cable is formed by four wires which assure stable signal transmission. There is a nylon braid from the outside to guarantee considerable torsional and bending strengths. The very tip is made of zinc alloy and addition..
Brand: Baseus Model: PPCX080005
Baseus Wireless 10000mAH 20W Magnetic Bracket Fast Charge Power Bank PurpleHorizontal and vertical charging – how you’re more comfortable! The stand holds your device in a vertical or horizontal position to make using your phone convenient while charging wirelessly. This way you will charge your pho..
Brand: Baseus Model: ZJBA000001
Baseus Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Adapter BA04 Black Bluetooth 5.0 standard. High data transfer efficiency and stable connection between devices.Range up to 20 m. Use of equipment that is several meters away.High sound quality . Enjoy uninterrupted listening to music on wireless headphone..
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