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Brand: Thermaltake Model: KEYTHE0001
THERMALTAKE COMMANDER COMBO (KB-CCM-PLBLUS-01)  (1y)COMMANDER COMBO Gaming Gear Combo (Multi Light) – Gaming Gear Combo – comes in 3 colors (Red/ Blue/ Purple), uses a Plunger Switch with the same design of Mechanical keycap, gives users an awesome tactile feel and pleasing click with each keys..
Ex Tax:Rs.12,900.00
Brand: Thermaltake Model: KEYTHE0005
THERMALTAKE COMMANDER PRO COMBO KEYBOARDThe Commander Pro combo is a budget-friendly keyboard-mouse combo that comes packed with features. The gaming keyboard comes with a 7-colored backlight and 3 dynamic lighting effects, dedicated hotkey and multimedia control keys, features a durable and tactile..
Ex Tax:Rs.15,500.00
Brand: Thermaltake Model: MOPTHE0002
THERMALTAKE DASHER MINI Gaming Mouse Pad The smooth surfaced size DASHER mousepad is designed for users who prefer smaller mousepads to accommodate both low-sensitivity and high-sensitivity players. With medium-sized thickness to provide comfort...
Ex Tax:Rs.3,200.00
Brand: Thermaltake Model: AC-053-CN1OTN-C1
Thermaltake Gaming PCI-E 3.0 X16 Riser CableThe Thermaltake Gaming PCI-E 3.0 Riser Cable with outstanding quality is designed to meet the most demanding gaming system. Support a wide range of GPU solutions and match the cable included in any gaming chassis. Features like, high-speed cable, EMI sh..
Ex Tax:Rs.10,500.00
Brand: Thermaltake Model: MOUTHE0005
THERMALTAKE IRIS M30 RGB OPTICAL GAMING MOUSEThe Iris M30 RGB features a powerful optical engine of up to 12000 DPI and 20 million click OMRON-engineered switches. Equipped with ARM 32-bit MCU and 32Kb flash memory to build a gaming mouse that meets the special performance needs of gamers. Add extra..
Ex Tax:Rs.14,900.00
Brand: Thermaltake Model: MOUTHE0007
THERMALTAKE IRIS M50 RGB OPTICAL MOUSE (1Y)The Iris M50 RGB features a powerful optical engine of up to 16000 DPI and 20 million click OMRON-engineered switches. Equipped with ARM 32-bit MCU and 32Kb flash memory to build a gaming mouse that meets the special performance needs of gamers. Add extra s..
Ex Tax:Rs.16,500.00
Brand: Thermaltake Model: HEPTHE0003
THERMALTAKE ISURUS PRO V2 GAMING HEADSET (1Y)The ISURUS Pro V2 is equipped with 13mm Hi-Res drivers and a built-in microphone that allows users to game, communicate and listen to music with clarity and quality. It comes with a steel-reinforced headband that is adjustable and detachable, its lightwei..
Ex Tax:Rs.9,900.00
Brand: Thermaltake Model: KEYTHE0006
THERMALTAKE KNUCKER 4 IN 1 GAMING KITThe KNUCKER 4 IN 1 GAMING KIT – provides a one-stop solution to meet all your gaming needs. The keyboard uses gaming grade plunger switches for mechanical like touch-feel, responsiveness and is equipped with 3-color backlight illumination with 4 stunning lighting..
Ex Tax:Rs.19,700.00
Brand: Thermaltake Model: MOPTHE0004
THERMALTAKE LEVEL 20 RGB EXTENDED GAMING MOUSE PADTotal control with superior responsiveness and accuracyBig size for big game playsComfort for periods of long playCustomize with iTAKE Gaming EngineTT RGB PLUS Compatible..
Ex Tax:Rs.17,400.00
Brand: Thermaltake Model: MOUTHE0002
THERMALTAKE LEVEL 20 RGB Gaming Mouse (1y)The Level 20 RGB gaming keyboard takes performance gaming to new heights. Using the latest and most innovative technology at both software and hardware levels; it transforms your gameplay by gaming smart and delivering that all-important competitive ..
Ex Tax:Rs.16,200.00
Brand: Thermaltake Model: LTP-0450C-F
Thermaltake Litepower 450W Power SupplyIncorporating various high-quality components, the new Litepower Series – rated from 350W to 650W – saves energy up to 80% efficiency. An embedded intelligent cooling fan delivers excellent airflow at an exceptionally low noise level. In addition, the single..
Ex Tax:Rs.15,650.00
Brand: Thermaltake Model: MOUTHE0004
THERMALTAKE MO VENTUS X RGB Gaming Mouse (1Y)The VENTUS X Optical RGB gaming mouse comes packed with the latest tech to meet the needs of hardcore gaming enthusiasts. At the heart, a powerful PIXART PMW-3360 optical engine powers the mouse with up to 12,000 DPI options. The addition of a two-zon..
Ex Tax:Rs.15,000.00
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