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Brand: Baseus Model: SGQK000702
Baseus iPhone 14/14 Plus Lens Film Full-Coverage 0.3mm Transparent This is a high-strength glass, which was created specifically to protect the camera of your smartphone. It has round edges that accurately repeat the texture of the lenses. Glass perfectly transmits color through the l..
Model: HLDX-2008
ADSL Splitter for Modem/TelephoneThis high performance ADSL splitter provides an ideal solution to connect your modem, as well as your phone, into the main phone socket. The quality ABS material ensures its durability.Features:Come with telephone line in, ADSL out, telephone line out.Suitable fo..
Brand: Alcatel Model: T06
Alcatel T06 EX Wall Mountable PhoneWith the ultra-compact footprint and simple yet elegant design, Alcatel T06 adapts to any living environments.It is equipped with a redial key.The ringtone is 2-level adjustable (high and low).It can be installed on a desk or mounted o..
Brand: Alcatel Model: T16
Alcatel T16 EX CLI Wall Mountable PhoneWith its ultra-compact footprint and simplistic yet elegant design, Alcatel T16 adapts itself to any living environment.Featuring the Caller ID* function with its numeric display (numbers only), and access to a 10-memory phonebook, ..
Model: T58-EX
Alcatel T58 EX CLI Land PhoneAlcatel T58 offers versatile features and a contemporary design.Operating as an eco-friendly product, T58 is BATTERY-FREE (thanks to the line-powered) and is equipped with a numerical display supporting features such as Caller ID* function, n..
Brand: Baseus Model: SGQK000802
Baseus 14 Pro/14 Pro Lens Film Max Full-Coverage 0.3mm Transparent (2 Lens Sets)Full protectionVery clear, pure transparency and perfect clarityNo bubbles, zero residueAnti-oil nano coating, fingerprint protection, oil protectionScratch-resistant, impact-resistant, made of advanced thermally tempere..
Brand: Baseus Model: CCALLP-01
Baseus 4.8A Grain Pro Dual USB Car ChargerSmall and compact, easy to carry and store.Suitable for various vehicles equipped with 12V-24V sockets – passenger and truck.A small charger ideally suited to the car.This charger is not much bigger than… a thumb! The subtle design and the siz..
Brand: Baseus Model: CCYS-C01
Baseus Circular Metal PPS Quick Car Charger 30W USB + Type-C quick charging port Intelligent chip, does no harm to your battery 12V/24V broad voltage input, compatible with most vehicles on marketEnhanced slip resistant plates on the sides, quick contact, do not fall offLight up durin..
Brand: Baseus Model: CCALL-YD01
Baseus Circular Plastic A+A 30W Dual QC3.0 Quick Car Charger Black Smart car charger with 2 USB ports (QC3.0)Compact design – The charger has a simple, stylish design and a small size, thanks to which it does not take up much space in the car.Fast charging compendium – The accessory supports al..
Brand: Baseus Model: CCALL-YS01
Baseus Circular Plastic A+C 30W PPS Car Charger Black Intelligent car charger with support for numerous fast charging technologiesCompact design – The charger has a simple, stylish design and a small size, thanks to which it does not take up much space in the car.Fast c..
Brand: Baseus Model: CCXJ020001
Baseus Compact Charger 3U 17W CN BlackThe Baseus charger is an extremely useful gadget. Fast charging is one of its main advantages. There is also a chip inside, the main task of which is to ensure that the devices do not get overcharged. The small and handy dimensions of the charger will allow you ..
Brand: Baseus Model: ARJT010102
Baseus Crystal Magnetic Phone Case For iPhone 13 Pro 6.1 inch Transparent Baseus Crystal Magnetic Case is a series of elegant Baseus cases. Products from this line are characterized by a perfect appearance and high comfort of use.High-quality polycarbonate was used in the production of this cas..
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