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Brand: Baseus Model: CCALLP-01
Baseus 4.8A Grain Pro Dual USB Car ChargerSmall and compact, easy to carry and store.Suitable for various vehicles equipped with 12V-24V sockets – passenger and truck.A small charger ideally suited to the car.This charger is not much bigger than… a thumb! The subtle design and the siz..
Brand: Baseus Model: CCALL-YD01
Baseus Circular Plastic A+A 30W Dual QC3.0 Quick Car Charger Black Smart car charger with 2 USB ports (QC3.0)Compact design – The charger has a simple, stylish design and a small size, thanks to which it does not take up much space in the car.Fast charging compendium – The accessory supports al..
Brand: Baseus Model: CRDYQ-01
Baseus Dual Port Cigarette Lighter High Efficiency Black Automatic voltage divisionRegardless of which port we connect the phone to, its energy will be renewed at the maximum possible speed. When charging 2 devices, the voltage will be appropriately divided and matched to specific devices.Safe ..
Brand: Baseus Model: CCNLZ-C0G
Baseus Energy Column Car Wireless MP3 Charger (PPS Quick Charger-English) Dark Grey Simple and compact: newly upgraded appearance, compact size, space-saving in the carSingle key design: previous and next track, volume adjustment, call answering, one-touch control, simple operation18W quick cha..
Brand: Baseus Model: CCTM-E01
Baseus S-16 Bluetooth 5.0 FM Transmitter MP3 Car Charger Listening to music broadcast on the radio tires and tires you Do you have your own hits that you like to listen to while travelling.The Baseus FM transmitter was designed for all those who value free access to their favorite songs, also w..
Brand: Baseus Model: CCBT-A0G
Baseus Share Together Car Charger 2x USB / 2x USB Type C 120W PPS Quick ChargerThe most important features:4 charging socketsSupports fast charging protocolsMultiple security features for complete equipment protectionOverheating protectionLong cordConvenient clip for attaching to the seatStable and ..
Brand: Baseus Model: CCALL-DS01
Baseus Square Metal 30W A+A Dual QC3.0 Quick Car Charger Black Premium Baseus Square car charger with QC3.0 USB portsThis charger delivers fast charging whenever you need it.Compact and lightweight design, perfect for any vehicleSmart chip identifies the needed output current.Multiple protectio..
Brand: Baseus Model: TZCCZX-01
Baseus Superme Digital Display 100w PPS Dual Quick Car Charger Black Specification:Material: plastic + metalInput: DC 12-24 VUSB 1 Output: 5 V-4,5 A, 4,5 V-5 A, 5 V-3 A, 9 V-3 A, 12 V-2,5 A, 20 V-1,5 AUSB 2 Output: 5 V-3A, 9 V-3A, 12 V-3 A, 15 V-3 A, 20 V-5 ATotal output: 65 W + 30 WSize: 37 mm..
Brand: Baseus Model: CCZX-01
Baseus Superme Digital Display 100w PPS Dual Quick Car Charger Specification:Material: plastic + metalInput: DC 12-24 VUSB 1 Output: 5 V-4,5 A, 4,5 V-5 A, 5 V-3 A, 9 V-3 A, 12 V-2,5 A, 20 V-1,5 AUSB 2 Output: 5 V-3A, 9 V-3A, 12 V-3 A, 15 V-3 A, 20 V-5 ATotal output: 65 W + 30 WSize: 37 mm (diam..
Brand: Baseus Model: CCBT-C0G
Baseus U+C 120W Share Together Fast Charge Car Charger with Cigarette Lighter Expansion Port Gray Quick charging of two devices at a time with a total power of 120 WElegant designAdaptation to modern cars and mobile phonesProtection against overheating, overloadingSupported devices: mobile phon..
Brand: Baseus Model: CCJD-0G
Baseus U+C 40W Golden Contactor Pro Dual Quick Car Charger The most important features:Fast charging with up to 40 W (20 W for each USB port).All-metal housing.Built-in two ports for charging two devices at once. USB and USB Type C.Built-in LED to easily locate the charger at night.Built-i..
Brand: Baseus Model: CCALL-YX01
Baseus Y Type Dual USB+Vehicle Lighter Extended Car ChargerVehicle lighter socket still available – The charger does not block the vehicle lighter socket. It extends them, thanks to which, in addition to 2 USB ports, we also gain the possibility of connecting, for example, navigation,..
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