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Brand: NZXT Model: AH-2UGKK-A1
NZXT HUE 2 RGB UNDERGLOW (2X300)- Specially designed kit for case underglow RGB illumination.- Easy installation with included double sided foam tape.- Included PCI-e bracket for elegant cable routing.- Better visual impact with up to 15 LEDs per strip and with light guides optim..
Brand: NZXT Model: AH-2SA30-D1
NZXT HUE2 RGB 300MM LED STRIPS- Instantaneous lighting synchronization across RGB accessories.- Preset and custom lighting modes.- Mix and match with other NZXT RGB accessories.- Easy set-up and control with NZXT CAM...
Brand: NZXT Model: AC-2RGBC-B1
NZXT RGB & FAN CONTROLLER LIGHTING CHANNELS: 2 NZXT RGB lighting channels, up to 40 individually addressable LEDs per channel, 80 LEDs total. Lighting channels now support up to 40 LEDs per channel or 6 devices.FAN CHANNELS: 3 fan channels with max 10W per channel output with built-in noise..
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