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Barcode Scanners

Brand: ZKTeco Model: ZKB209
ZKTeco ZKB209 - 2D Desktop Barcode ScannerZKB209 is a high-performance 2D barcode multiline scanning platform with advanced image scanning technology and a durable and straightforward appearance. It is the best choice for you to improve your work efficiencyFeaturesExcellent decoding ability with ..
Brand: Honeywell Model: IHS310X
Honeywell IHS310X 1D Handled USB Wired Barcode ScannerHoneywell barcode scanners 1HS310X. Plug and play read all the standard 1D Bar codes. Handheld type barcode scanner with USB port cable, LED, and buzzer indicator Very comfortable operation sense, Rich decoded types...
Brand: Honeywell Model: IHS320X
Honeywell IHS320X Handled 2D USB Wired High-Speed Barcode scannersHoneywell barcode scanners 1HS320X. Plug and play read all the standard 2D Bar codes. Handheld type barcode scanner with USB port cable, LED, and buzzer indicator Very comfortable operation sense, Rich decoded types.The barcode rea..
Brand: AiGather Model: A-1695S1D
AiGather A-1695S Laser Corded Barcode Scanner Wired+2.4G or Wired+Bluetooth are optional.Ergonomic, snappy, and stylish, easy to hold.High-rebound keys, feel natural and durable.Extraordinary decoding ability and compatibility...
Brand: AiGather Model: A-7002D
AiGather A-700 Desktop 2D Barcode Scanner Stylish and compact, attractive; - Automatic dormant mode, energy-saving; - 300,000 pixels global shutter, with great speed and precision; - Minimum resolution: 4 mils; - Bright White LED for illuminating scanning surfaces; - Read all mainstream 1D&..
Brand: AiGather Model: A-802D
AiGather A-80 Desktop 2D Barcode Scanner Omni-directional scanning capability.300,000 pixels global shutter.With great speed and precision; - Fast decoding speeds at 120 FPS/s.Minimum resolution: 4 mils (3mils supports customization.); - Easily read the paper...
Brand: AiGather Model: A-9520SR
AiGather A-9520SR Corded 2D Barcode ScannerEquipped with AiGather's patented advanced decoding algorithm, it can quickly and accurately read damaged codes, stained codes, wrinkled codes and color barcode.Long depth of field, large field of view, easy to scan long-distance barcode, can read 13mil com..
Brand: AiGather Model: A-95182D
AiGather Hand Held A-9518 2D Barcode Scanner New appearance with fashion design.Equipped with the advanced decoding algorithm patented by AiGather, easy to read 1d and 2d codes.Support many keyboard languages, no need driver, compatible with major operating systems...
Brand: Honeywell Model: YJ3300
Honeywell Barcode Scanner Youjie Hand-Held YJ3300About YoujieAs the second brand of Honeywell Scanning & Mobility, Youjie targets the rapid growth of mid- to low- markets in autmatic data collection industry, providing a better alternative to users who look for easy data collection solutions. De..
Brand: Honeywell Model: MK5145
Honeywell Eclipse 5145 1D Laser Handheld Barcode ScannerThe Eclipse 5145 handheld scanner is an economy laser-based alternative to CCD scanners. Its compact form factor and broad feature set make is simple to use in a variety of applications, including:Menu scanningPoint-of-saleDocument processin..
Brand: Honeywell Model: HF680-R1-USB-I-INT
Honeywell HF680 2D Hands-Free Area-Imaging Barcode ScannerHoneywell’s Orbit HF680 point-of-sale hands-free/presentation scanner is the perfect blend of affordability, performance, and style. With the Orbit HF680, retailers no longer have to compromise their budgets to get performance and a modern..
Brand: Luckydoor Model: K-60
Luckydoor K-60 2D barcode scanner portable handheld android wireless 2D pdf417 smart barcode scanner• Support Instant Upload Mode, Automatic Storage Mode, Inventory Storage Mode and switch freely.• Strong memory chip can store 512,000 characters in offline/inventory storage mode.• Works with mobile ..
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