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Model: FH HB036
Handboss Contact Cleaner Environmental Protection Cleaning AgentThe Handboss motherboard cleaner is a spray, foam multi-purpose cleaner.The product is mainly made of a natural surface active agent with fast penetration and cleaning property and powerful dirt-removing performance.Apply advanced te..
Ex Tax:Rs.1,200.00
Model: KCL-1018
Multifunctional Screen Cleaning KitThis Cleaning Kit can clean any LED or LCD screen properly and effectively. The liquid is skin-friendly and is not harmful to touch. Clean your laptop, Tablet PC, Printers, DVDs, Cameras, LCD TV Screens and many more safely without leaving any trails or scratches b..
Ex Tax:Rs.700.00
Model: FH-HB016
Universal Foam Cleaning AgentEasily clean dirt and stubborn stains off computers and office equipment with the Handboss branded Universal Foam Cleaning Agent. Suitable for use against a variety of surfaces ranging from plastics, to metals, to furniture and floors, the Universal Foam Cleaning Agent i..
Ex Tax:Rs.750.00
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