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136 Column DotMatrix Printers

Brand: Epson Model: C11C396083DA
Epson DLQ-3500 136 Column Dot Matrix Printer Why the Epson DLQ-3500? Fast and durable wide carriage Epson 24 pin flat-bed printer Prints up to 550 characters per second (High Speed Draft 10 cpi) Automatic paper handling and automatic paper thickness adjustment Automatic Sheet Alignmen..
Brand: Epson Model: C11C559012
Epson LQ-2090 Dot-matrix Printer The Epson LQ-590 and Epson LQ-2090 bring exceptional performance to the 24pin segment. In addition to high-speed printing up to 529 characters per second, they are extremely compact, robust and reliable. This is perfect for the relentless everyday demands of busy ..
Brand: Epson Model: LQ-2090IIN
Epson LQ-2090IIN Dot Matrix PrinterEnjoy fast, reliable and convenient printing with Epson’s LQ-2090IIN dot matrix printer. Based on Epson’s experience in delivering industry-standard solutions, this printer helps to run and grow your business while you stay in control of your operations. Experi..
Brand: Epson Model: C11CA92001
Epson LQ-2190 Dot-matrix Printer Fast, reliable and economical, the Epson LQ-2190 is a fast, flexible and reliable printing solution that achieves a perfect balance between large print volumes and first-class quality. Cost effective and dependable, this is ideal for producing invoices, delivery n..
Epson DFX-9000 Printer
Brand: Epson Model: C11C605011BZ
Epson DFX-9000 Printer Fastest 9-pin heavy duty dot matrix printer in its class Hard working with 133 million lines print volume High durability with MTBF of 20,000 power on hours Prints up to 10 part forms (1 original + 9 copies) Standard USB, Serial and Parallel interfaces (optional ..
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